wallet-open-no denominationsA Jersey City letter carrier found $4,800 in crisp $100 bills inside a wallet on the sidewalk while delivering mail on Jan. 22, the day after a big snowstorm.

The first thought that came to Marcario “Mark” Panuil was, “I need to give it back to the owner.”

His Postal Service coworkers and the local Postmaster honored him as “a great inspiration” in a ceremony this week, where he stood with Rev. Rudolph Daniels Sr., a retired pastor who’d lost his wallet, but had his prayers answered.

“A modest man of few words, Panuil repeatedly refused to take any reward from Daniels for finding the cash,” reported NewJersey.com. “Panuil said it is reward enough to be recognized by his peers, many of whom have called him a ‘hero’.”

(READ the story w/ photos from New Jersey.com)

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