Sometimes it is the smallest things that make us the happiest.

This is exactly the case for Brenda Hardy, the Membership Manager at the Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta, Georgia.

A clip uploaded to the organization’s Facebook Page shows the moment Hardy was informed by the board members that she can go to an office supply store and pick out a new chair for her desk – and the rejoicing begins.

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“She is so busy helping others that she doesn’t ever take the time to think about herself,” one of the workers told Good News Network. “She was so ecstatic when she found out she would have the opportunity to pick out a new chair, she couldn’t hold in her excitement!”

“Usually, the employees are so focused on serving Club Members that they appreciate gestures many other people would take for granted!”

In the video, Brenda can be seen strutting about the office, excitedly singing such catchy tunes as “You’re the One I Want” from Grease, and jumping for joy. Her reaction is so contagiously happy, it is impossible not to smile while watching the clip.

If you want to make sure that other employees get the rewards they deserve, you can donate to the organization via their website.

(WATCH the video below)

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