cop gives boots to homeless man in OdessaPolice Cpl. Jeremy Walsh’s gesture of kindness toward a homeless man was captured in a photograph that is touching hearts on Facebook and elsewhere.

The picture, taken through a shop window, shows Walsh giving a new pair of boots and bottle of water to Anthony Young, who spends a lot of time keeping to himself on the streets that make up the cop’s beat in Odessa, Texas.

Walsh said he was only doing what anyone would do.

The photo, which was taken by Ronda Fox while inside her family’s storefront, was posted by Odessa on its official Facebook page. Odessa Police spokesman Cpl. Steve LeSueur said the photo was good way to show the other things that police officers do.

The new boots had been sitting in the officer’s closet not being used because they were too small.

(READ the full story in the Osessa American)


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