Born with only one leg, Nico Calabria didn’t let his disability keep him from any sport he was passionate about, especially soccer (football). Now Powerade is making him the face of their advertisements during the world cup games in Brazil. The touching and powerful ad shows a little boy growing through every stage of life with a disability but his championship spirit keeps shining through.

Whether skating, swimming, or playing basketball, Nico excelled in athletics as a boy and he continues to astound teammates, competitors, and fans with his talent today.

”Nico exemplifies Powerade’s mantra to Power Through,” said the company on YouTube, where they posted the biographical ad. “He shows a tough determination that lets him rise up and push past his challenges.”

WBZ-TV in Boston interviewed the 19-year-old high school graduate.

Calabria told them. “It really is all about attitude and the way that you approach your problems.”

Powerade said they reached out to clubs and schools looking for players who were making an impact through soccer. Nico, an inspiring choice for company spokesperson, will be flown to the Brazil in June to catch some games.

(WATCH the WBZ story below or READ it here)

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  1. You can bet that his great attitude about his “disability” is largely a result of supportive and loving parents, family and friends.

    Outstanding Nico! With such inner strength you will certainly inspire others facing physical limitations (firstly by excising the word “limitation” from their vocabulary) and I predict you’ll help many others throughout your life to excel in their pursuits, and not just cope with the hand they were dealt.

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