Car video game made for cancer patients-WRALvidA generous gift is making life more enjoyable for children at UNC Children’s Hospital. It’s a video game built with the same materials as real race cars. The special ride won’t be found in any arcade; Mark Smith designed it specifically with patients like Dylan in mind.

Dylan Price, 15, of Greensboro, was the first in a pediatric cancer clinic at UNC to take the “Dream Racer” for a spin.

He forgot all about his connection to the IV drip as he climbed inside the lime green racing simulator.

“It’s like an actual driving car and everything,” he told WRAL-TV. “It feels like you’re actually in a car.”

Such playtime may even boost the healing process. According to an article in Pravda entitled, “The importance of the playroom in children’s healing,” Brazil makes it mandatory through federal law that all hospitals offer playrooms for children.

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