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Chase Volunteers to Lower Mortgage Rate at No Cost to Homeowners

It felt like a miracle. We got a FedEx delivery this week containing an offer from our mortgage company (Chase)...

Operation Iraqi Baseball Promotes Ties to American Pastime

A delegation of 10 young Iraqi athletes and five coaches from three Iraqi cities are  traveling in the United States May 3–13, on a...

Luggage Comes Home After Miracle Landing

Passengers on a US Airways flight that ditched in the Hudson River in New York are starting to get their luggage back - dried,...

Chance Reunion Offers Return of Championship Ring After 30 Years

In 1976 I met Bernie Tiger in freshman drafting class at Madison, NJ High School. He didn't play football that year, his family was...

Bright Spot in Holiday Sales? Online Shopping

One bright spot on the holiday retail landscape will be online shopping. Despite economic downturns, internet sales are expected to rise by 12 percent...

Websites Help to Stretch Your Holiday Budget

In an economic downturn the internet is especially effective as a tool to help you stretch the value of your dollars this holiday season....
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Homegrown Power a Fix for Energy Crunch and Global Warming

Homegrown electricity could be one ingredient used to combat the 21st century’s expected energy crunch, easing the load on electrical grids with a system...

Oil Prices Spark Alternative Energy Renaissance

Going Green, a special report by CNBC features corporations that are finding new ways to save money with alternative energy. Three separate stories indicate...