Autumn isn’t just adored by the masses because it brings pumpkin spice lattés and Halloween decorations – the season also brings dazzling colors to forests around the world, the most beautiful of which is in Tennesse.

According to the National Park Service, the Great Smoky Mountain range in Tennesse is the most visited national park in America. When October and November roll around, the mountain ranges transform into a breathtaking collage of red, orange, and yellow colors.

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For 13 million Americans who suffer from colorblindness, however, the scenery remains a bland shade of greenish-brown.

This is why the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development installed several special viewing devices for colorblind visitors across the park.

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The organization published an emotional video of the “colorblind-less” viewers in action last week, and the reactions of some of the participants are extremely moving.

“It’s how I imagine the difference is between here and heaven,” said one of the visitors. “I feel like now I know why people come from miles and states around just to see this.”

(WATCH the video below)

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