When it was finally time for an airline pilot to retire from his decades-long career, the passengers on his final flight asked if they could give him an emotional Irish goodbye—and the results are breathtaking.

Brian Lenzen is a pilot from Chaska, Minnesota who has been happily flying with American Airlines for 34 years—but despite his love of flying, pilots are forced to retire at the age of 65.

So as Lenzen prepared to hang up his pilot’s uniform, he made sure that his last flight was a special one. With a hand-picked crew of beloved colleagues, he chose Dublin as his final destination and had a “wonderful time” at an Irish pub before they all returned home.

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As fate would have it, there happened to be an Irish choir on board the plane for their returning flight. When they heard that it was Lenzen’s final flight, they asked an attendant if they could sing an Irish blessing to the pilot to celebrate his retirement.

Upon exiting the plane, the captain was then greeted by the St. Anthony on the Lake choir bidding him adieu—and he could barely contain his emotions.

“It was just a very special moment,” Lenzen told KARE11. “I’m kind of an emotional guy anyway, and so I got a little tearful realizing that was for me.”

(WATCH the video below)

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