Patrick Stewart trades in his Star Fleet uniform for a ten-gallon hat in his latest role: “Cowboy Pat” — a parody video of a country-western singer, with songs for sale that actually rustle up some cash for a good cause

Billed in the video as “England’s premier cowboy singer,” Stewart cracks a whip and dances in boots and chaps as he croons while selling his collection of five tunes, like the theme from “Rawhide,” “Buttons and Bows,” and “South of the Border.”

“Sometimes it takes an Englishman to teach us what’s great about being an American,” the announcer says.

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Stewart put together the parody video and recorded a real five-song CD as part of a charity fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee which helps refugees and families struggling through crises.

A toll free number at the end of the video also takes you to a recorded message from “Cowboy Pat,” explaining he can’t come to the phone because he’s “out rustling cattle.”

(WATCH the video below from Patrick Stewart and Ethan Eubanks)

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