Bill freakin’ Murray is notorious for making headlines as a beloved party-crasher and Cubs fan – but this time, he is in the limelight for helping a couple make a pregnancy announcement for their parents.

Kirsten and Robbie Schloss were at a Chicago Cubs playoff game last week when they were seated next to the legendary Ghostbusters star himself.

The three of them had been chatting and goofing around throughout the game – but after their home team won the victory, Robbie decided to ask Murray for a favor.

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After spending some time struggling with her fertility, Kirsten recently discovered that she had finally become pregnant. The couple had not yet told their parents about the development – so, they requested Murray to help them with the announcement.

In a video published on Robbie’s Instagram page, Murray can be scene posing with the couple and saying: “Hey, I got news for you … you’re going to be grandparents!”

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“We’re gonna have a baby!” added Robbie.

According to the father-to-be, Kirsten’s parents saw the video and cried with joy.

“My father-in-law is a longtime Cubs fan so it was pretty awesome sending [the video] to him,” Schloss told TODAY.

(WATCH the video below)

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