How many times a day do you scramble around looking for a power cord and outlet to recharge your mobile phone? A new smartphone case promises to top-off your battery life–out of thin air.

The Harvest phone case grabs the power your phone wastes and puts it back into the battery.

About 90% of your phone’s power is spent pumping out radio waves just trying to keep its wireless connection – even when you’re not using it. The case “harvests” those stray radio waves and converts them into electric power. The Harvest case is able to stretch your battery life by nearly a third.

Nikola Labs’ Will Zell explains in the video below how the phone case is able to turn radio waves into electricity.

Ohio State University came up with the technology and licensed it to Nikola Labs to build and sell. The case, available only for the iPhone initially, is expected to launch later this month on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. It will cost $99 and be available four months later.

Photo by closari – CC

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