With all the bad press following recent police encounters that turned violent, it’s good to see cops connecting with their community and building positive relationships, especially with neighborhood youth.

Officer Jeff Krebs in eastern Kansas City, Missouri challenged a group of youngsters to a dance-off Sunday on a neighborhood street.

In the contest for style, he lost badly. But, something more important was gained.

The impromptu showdown, recorded by a local resident and uploaded to YouTube by the Kansas City Police Department, shows that Krebbs isn’t afraid of looking ridiculous or making fun of himself if the outcome achieves better relations with the public.

“When I went through the (police) academy and when I first got hired on, I told them how I wanted to interact with the community and start building some rapport with the citizens because I feel like if we build rapport with them, then they’re more likely to call us when they need us,” he explained to KSHB.

(WATCH the video below or READ more of the story from TODAY)


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