Italian Police Cooking-Facebook

It was a normal night in Rome until the neighbors of this elderly couple were alarmed to hear heart-aching wales coming from the next door apartment.

When police arrived at the door, they discovered no one was actually harmed – Michele, 94, and Jole, 89, had been watching television and were so disheartened by all the negative news that they started crying in despair.

The loneliness from a lack of visitors had also contributed to the couple’s sadness until it apparently became too much.

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The Italian police officers knew they had “two lonely souls to reassure” so they politely asked if they could access their pantry – because nothing lifts the spirits like a home-cooked meal.

All while conversing amiably with the seniors, the boys in blue whipped up some buttered pasta for dinner. Even though it’s a relatively simple dish, the Facebook picture of the evening said the spaghetti contained “all their humanity” for the sad couple.

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