love-message-w-pen-clarita-morguefilePart of a novel lost when a blind woman’s pen ran out without her knowing has been salvaged with the help of a local forensic police team.

Trish Vickers, from Charmouth, had written 26 pages of her first novel without any ink in her pen.

When she asked her son to read it back to her there was nothing on the pages.

They called the fingerprint bureau in Dorset who volunteered their time and revealed the missing words.

(READ the story from the BBC)

Thanks to London DJ Johnnie Walker for the story tip!


  1. It’s a great story but I wonder why they didn’t think of just doing a pencil rubbing over it, to show the indentations? That would have been my first thought of how to recover the words. They could have just done it themselves and she could rewrite it rather than getting the police involved.

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