This sweet scrunchy-faced pup is the first animal to nab the ‘Hometown Hero Award’ for bravery and wit.

Mikaela Sebree and Todd Lavoie failed to notice sparks flying from one of their home electrical outlets in Meridian, Idaho – but Jaxon the pug did.

The little dog started barking up a storm in such a tone that suggested something was wrong. When Todd finally noticed the issue, he was able to put out the danger with a fire extinguisher.

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After the firefighters arrived, the department chief said that if Todd hadn’t responded as quickly as he did to Jaxon’s warning, they could have lost a third of their home to a blaze.

The town honored courageous little 11-year-old Jaxon with the heroic award, an honorary firefighter’s badge, and a plastic fireman’s hat making him quite a formidable pooch for house fires everywhere.

(WATCH the video below)


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