In an incredible story of perseverance, a puppy that was lost in the desert was finally reunited with her owner after she was missing for 65 days.

Back in June 2013, Ily the 1-year-old dog and her owner Rose Sharman were in the car driving down the Arizona highway when they suddenly crashed and were sent flying through the windshield.

Sharman was injured in the accident, but Ily immediately panicked and ran off into the wilderness.

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As Sharman recovered in a wheelchair, a team of volunteers spent the next two months searching for the dog. For weeks, there wasn’t any sign of Ily – until August when there was a sighting of two dogs wandering through the desert about 3 miles north of the crash.

The volunteers baited some cages with pieces of chicken and set up a baby monitor to listen for a sound. Finally, 65 days after she went missing, the cages successfully caught Ily.

And her reunion with Sharman was an emotional one.

(WATCH the emotional video below)

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