wedding party thanks to SA snowA South African couple married this week after a bout of unusually cold weather allowed them to fulfill a light-hearted promise to tie the knot the next time Johannesburg was covered in snow.

A radio station jumped into action to help pull off the spur-of-the-moment prompting.

Rui Moca and Monique Joubert had planned to wed next year, but when South Africa’s biggest city was shrouded in a rare blanket of snow on Tuesday, Joubert’s sister called the top local radio station, which leapt into action, organizing a minister, lawyer, photographer, flowers, and cake.

(In an unrelated side story, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who happened to be visiting Pretoria on Tuesday, was dubbed “Nimkita” – “the one who brought the snow”.)

(READ the Reuters story in TODAY)

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