Anne Glancey didn’t have the money to repair her deteriorating house, nor did she have the family or friends to help her do it – until one day her neighbors decided to fix it themselves.

The retired school teacher’s home wasn’t exactly easy on the eyes – Hamilton Township, New Jersey told her that if she didn’t remove the rusting car in her yard, chip and peel the paint of her house, and fix the shrubbery in her yard, she would face up to $3,000 in code violations per day.

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Anne’s neighbors, Adam and Kristin Polhemus, were the first people in the community to reach out to the hermit. When they learned of her financial dilemma, they took matters into their own hands.

Every summer weekend, Kristin and Adam would recruit their family, friends, and neighbors to join them in fixing Anne’s house.

In lieu of the constant stream of helpers, Anne even came out of her shell to serve orange juice and homemade carrot cake to the volunteers.

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By the end of the August, the home was completely transformed and the code violations were dropped.

“To see the joy on our neighbor’s face, I think the biggest thing is Anne’s happiness and her kind of restored life,” Adam told People. “Her outgoingness to other neighbors is based on her house being improved.”

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