Jim Ford has repossessed a lot of cars in his day – but never has he felt as terrible about taking someone’s automobile than when he had to take Stanford and Patty Kipping’s 1998 Buick.

Jim knew that the elderly couple had fallen on tough financial times, causing them to miss five car payments. So when he did tow the car, he resolved to lend a hand instead.

The repo man created a GoFundMe asking for $2,500 to cover the rest of the car payments. After seeking help from his fellow mechanic friends and the community, the campaign made its goal in hours – and people are still paying to help cover the couple’s prescriptions.

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“They’d fallen behind because on the price of her husband’s medications that have doubled over the last year,” Jim wrote on the page. “I was told he has the beginning stages of dementia and that they couldn’t even afford to get a few of his scripts this month because of the price increases!”

While Jim’s friend took the money to the bank and settled the debt, the team topped off the fluids and changed the headlights. Then, they put the extra cash earned from the campaign into an envelope along with a Thanksgiving turkey in the passenger seat to boot.

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When they returned the car to the Kipping home, Patty and Stanford were shocked.

“It’s like a miracle,” Patty whispered in amazement.

Jim says that in the 20 years that he’s been a repo man, he’s seen a lot. Car owners have shot at him, tackled him, and even attempted to run him over. By the time he was done with the Kippings, however, he was beaming from ear to ear.

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