Invisible Disabilities Sign-Andrew Cowan Scottish Parliament

This 10-year-old girl was tired of strangers giving her dirty looks whenever she needed to use the handicap bathroom, so she designed her own sign to remind them that not all disabilities are visible.

Grace Warnock suffers from Crohn’s Disease, a painful inflammatory bowel disease that requires her to make a lot of bathroom trips.

After having enough of rude onlookers judging her for her use of the disabled toilets, she created a sign depicting a figure in a wheelchair next to two people with hearts, illustrating that not all diseases can be seen.

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She then launched Grace’s Sign campaign encouraging establishments in Edinburgh, Scotland to hang her sign on their disabled bathroom doors.

The Scottish Parliament announced this week that they would be hanging her sign on three of their handicap accessible bathrooms.

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“Using Grace’s Sign at accessible toilets on the parliamentary estate sends out a powerful message to others across Scotland that these toilets are there for everyone with a disability, regardless of whether or not it is ‘visible,’” Scottish Parliament member Iain Gray, who backed Grace’s campaign, told Edinburgh News.

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