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Photos of fuzzy sea slugs are popping up all over social media in Japan – a nation known for its love of all things “kawaii” – or “cute.”

Found in the cooler waters of the Pacific Ocean, these small, rabbit-like creatures are actually slugs – marine gastropods whose fluffly “coats” and pointy ears have earned them the nickname “sea bunnies.”opisthotheusis-adorabilis-sea-floor-octopus-Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute-release

Scientist Wants to Name This Cute Octopus Species “Adorabilis”


This Jorunna parva genus of sub-species can grow to 8 inches in length, and their cute “ears” are actually rhinophores, or scent/taste organs that help them detect chemicals in the water and make their way across the ocean floor.

No word yet on whether they can be lured with sea-lettuce, or if their tails twitch when you pet them.

(WATCH the video below or SEE more photos at Bored Panda) – Photo: YouTube

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