Robert and Ann Dobson have lived in the same house for 50 years – and for the first time ever, they received a citation from the city concerning the piles of trash littering their yard.

It’s not the Dobsons’ trash, however; whenever the wind picks up, the garbage from a nearby shopping center is blown into their yard.

The Dobsons have tried to keep their yard free of trash, but whenever they pick up the garbage, more trash takes its place.

Upon hearing that the the couple had received a citation for the litter, the students on the cross-country team from McQuaid Jesuit High School stopped by the senior’s house in Greece, New York on Saturday and picked up all the trash themselves. Not only that, but they installed a fence to prevent any more litter from being blown onto the lawn.

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Additionally, the teens and their parents worked together with city officials to require the shopping center trash cans to install locks on their dumpsters.

One of the teen’s parents told Rochester First: “It wasn’t just us; people were stopping. A women and a couple little girls stopped and helped with the trash cleanup and a man came over and helped with the fencing.”

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