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A Chinese woman’s autobiography certainly wasn’t written in the blink of an eye — but by millions of blinks at a computer screen. The book, “Beautiful Frozen” is a 150,000-word story of her life and her struggle with a paralyzing disease.

Gong Xunhui is practically frozen, unable to move anything but her eyes, 12 years after being diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. She communicates by blinking her eyes at a computer screen, which slowly spells out her messages.

She “types” only about six characters per minute.

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Gong worked on her autobiography every day for ten months, from eight in the morning until ten or eleven at night — averaging just 3,000 characters a day.

Completing a 150,000 word book is quite the accomplishment for any writer. Online bookseller Amazon reported the median length of all the books they sell is just 64,000 words.

It recounts the 62-year-old’s childhood memories, her youth, and finally her struggles with ALS since being diagnosed with it in 2002. She has lived far longer than most people who are given such a sentence.

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Her story is even more inspiring because Gong plans to use the proceeds to buy $3,000 respirators for other ALS patients who can’t afford the life saving devices.

(WATCH the video below from CCTV or READ more at the Daily Mail) — Photo: CCTV video

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