Two teenage siblings are responsible for saving thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills – and now, they are being rewarded with the tools to save even more.

Emma and Ugo Angeletti are the masterminds behind back2earth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting food waste around Miami, Florida.

Since its inception in June 2018, the 18- and 19-year-old siblings have collected more than 15,000 pounds of food waste and produced more than 4,000 pounds of compost to nourish hyperlocal gardens by installing food waste drop-off stations and compost stations around the Miami area.

Collectively, their recycling efforts have also saved an estimated 25,000 gallons of water and prevented 130,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

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The siblings were recently nominated as the winners of General Mills’s Feeding Better Futures program which supports the efforts of youngsters doing great things to improve global food issues, such as fighting hunger, reducing food waste and advancing sustainable agriculture in their communities.

“We’re inspired by how driven today’s youth is to champion a happier, healthier world,” said General Mills CEO Jeff Harmening in a statement. “We’re proud to combine the ideas and passion of these young leaders with General Mills’ ability to scale. Together, we can turn small steps into big impact.”

With the mentorship and $50,000 grant money awarded to them through the program, the Angelettis plan to further their initiative by developing even more drop-off stations and gardens outside of Florida, as well as distributing more compost kits for residents to use in their own homes.

(WATCH the announcement video below)

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