This little girl became the founder of an organization that fed thousands thanks to a freakishly large 3rd grade project.

When 9-year-old Katie Stagliano was in elementary school, her teacher gave all the students an assignment to plant and grow a cabbage seedling.

Katie’s cabbage went on to become an unusually whopping 40-pound vegetable – so the Stagliano family decided to donate the greens to a nearby soup kitchen in Summerville, South Carolina.

Feeding 275 other people with her cabbage ignited a spark in the young student, and led her to create Katie’s Krops: an organization that encourages other kids in America to grow their own vegetables and feed thousands of hungry people nationwide.

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“It is the most incredible feeling to know that there are kids across the country who are as passionate as me about ending hunger,” Katie told the Good News Network. “Together as a family of growers, we are helping to grow a healthy end to hunger in our communities.”

The team of young gardeners have already served over 2,000 meals and donated thousands of pounds of produce across the US.

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“We want to expand Katie’s Krops to 500 gardens in all 50 states,” said the now-18-year-old gardener. “Currently, we are at 100 gardens in 31 states, but thanks to our incredible supporters at Sub-Zero, we are able to start 25 new Katie’s Krops gardens across the United States in 2017.”

The group is currently accepting applications from kids ages 9-16 who want to start a Katie’s Krops Garden in their community to help end hunger.

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Katie’s achievements don’t end at a garden’s marigold border, however: She and a team of volunteers host a monthly dinner that provides free garden-to-table meals to the community; she published Katie’s Cabbage in 2014, which won the 2015 Carol D. Reiser Children’s Book Award; and she has founded a yearly summer camp that teaches young gardeners growing techniques.

Though she’s off to college, she hopes to take Katie’s Crops internationally and wipe out hunger for good.

(WATCH the video below)

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