For the last 7 months, Trenton Lewis had been diligently waking up in the pre-dawn morning so he could make the 5.5-mile hike to work in time for his 4AM shift. Then, after a long day’s work, he would walk the same distance all the way back home again.

Despite the 21-year-old father never telling any of his co-workers at the UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, the workforce eventually found out about his exhausting commute.

But instead of allowing the dedicated dad to continue hiking to and from work every day, they all pitched in enough money to buy him a new car.

According to WTVR, Lewis’s coworker Kenneth Bryant said: “Everybody who I talked to said yes! The hardest part was reminding them to bring cash.

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“I told the seller what I was doing and who it was for and he said he was willing to work with me on a price,” he added.

Bryant was eventually able to buy a 2006 Saturn Ion for a mere $2,000. The workforce then lured Lewis to the parking lot for a brief “union meeting” last week.

When Lewis joined all of his co-workers in the lot, however, they handed him the keys to the Saturn.

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Though Lewis is reportedly described as “stoic”, he could not contain his emotions over the gift.

“For a young person to decide in their mind ‘if I don’t have a ride, if I can’t get a ride then I’ll walk,’” said Bryant, “if a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help.”

Furthermore, Lewis says that the first thing he did in his new car was pick up his 14-month-old daughter so they could get a bite to eat.

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