Skype has revolutionized the way people around the world communicate with one another. Now, a new tool is taking it a step further, translating conversations in real time as folks speak to each other in their native language.

Microsoft initially released the software –which is currently invite-only– last December. It’s currently being test-run in English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin.

Joe Pinsker of The Atlantic recently tried out the software and took readers through his experience, step by step.

After he finished speaking, the software transcribed his words in a sidebar, then dictated, or “spoke,” the sentence to the other person out loud.Surprised teachers get 50K from Ellen Show

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Right now, two people cannot “interrupt” each other during their conversation, and thoughts are best expressed in short sentences, but improvements are likely to come soon. When they do, developers are hoping eventually to bring the instant-translation feature to Skype’s 300 million monthly users.

(WATCH the Skype video above and READ more at The Atlantic)

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