When Santa asked what this 2-year-old girl wanted for Christmas, she had a very relatable request.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Santa was taking holiday requests from kids at Bering’s hardware store in Houston, Texas.

Once Linden Bartell climbed onto Saint Nick’s lap, he asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

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Unfazed by the ordeal, Linden casually rubbed some sleep out of her eyes and said: “I want to take a nap.”

With a smile, Kris Kringle replied: “Santa does too.”

Linden then snuggled into his fluffy white beard while onlookers melted at the endearing exchange.

Because Santa had to keep taking orders from other children on his nice list, Linden did not necessarily get the long winter’s nap that she was hoping for – but her dad Allen says that she was able to get an early night once the family got home from their holiday shopping.

(WATCH the video below)

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