A small soccer club is being hailed for reaching out to one of their loyal fans after they noticed that his social media presence had taken a concerning turn.

Barnsley, a beloved local football club from the English town of the same name in South Yorkshire, had become familiar with Chris Ryder’s antics on their social media pages.

Ryder, who is a lifelong fan and local Barnsley resident, struggles with depression, yet he chooses to openly discuss his troubles on his own social media accounts.

When the club’s chief executive Gauthier Ganaye noticed the increasingly worrying tweets from the fan, he sent a letter to Ryder’s house.

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In the letter, Ganaye said that his “office door is always open” and the League One team would love to “return the favor” for his loyalty as a fan.

“Initially when I saw the badge on the top of letter, I thought ‘uh-oh, what have I done?” Ryder told BBC. “I’ve been known to be a little bit cheeky, all in good fun, to the guys who run the social media page [at Barnsley], so reading it, I was really shocked.”

He posted on twitter thanking people for getting in touch offering their support. The team said it “wishes Chris all the best and offers its full support going forward.”

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The tweet of his letter, which he captioned saying “Best football club in the world”, has been widely shared across social media.

“Never in a million years did i expect to receive this much attention from this tweet,” wrote Ryder. “Thank you so so much for your kind messages, I’m completely overwhelmed with the amount of them. Just hope this at least helps one person to speak out about their mental health problems.”

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