SolarKiosk at night in EthiopiaA German company has installed its first clean energy kiosk in rural Ethiopia powered by rooftop solar panels. The self-contained “SolarKiosk” functions as a small-scale power company for surrounding villages that have no electricity.

The large metal roadside booth, which can hold 6-8 people inside, is expected to provide enough power for villagers to charge their mobile phones and car batteries, run a computer, and power its own solar fridge. The refrigeration may be the region’s only way to keep medication and dairy products chilled.

The SolarKiosk was designed to go where established businesses have not gone yet. The structure was produced as a kit to be assembled upon arrival at its target location, with light-weight containers easily transportable to remote, off-road areas – in extreme cases, on the back of donkeys.

An estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide live in such off-grid locations, 800 million in Africa. Villagers often have to travel for days to reach charging stations for their mobile phones.

SolarKiosk is now looking for business partners and NGOs to help their expansion to areas around the globe in need of clean, sustainable energy.

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