man raises money for stolen laptopA Boston, man who found his stolen computer in the hands of a teenager, instead of getting angry, decided to raise money to buy the boy from the housing projects a new laptop.

Fran Harrington, a web designer, used the Apple technology on his Macbook to see who was using his laptop after it was stolen. It turns out the boy’s low-income parents had bought the computer not knowing it was stolen.

Harrington felt bad leaving them with no money or laptop at a time when the boy was heading off to college, so he jumped on his laptop and created a fundraising page.

In just three days the webpage reached its goal of raising $900, the amount the family paid for the stolen Macbook.

“I’m not a privileged dude,” wrote Harrington. “It just seems like something I would want people to do if I was ever in a similar situation.”

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story from WBZ-TV Boston)

Thanks to Lee Stoddart for submitting the link!

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