Carol Clark, a sixth-grade teacher who was diagnosed with cancer last year, was forced to use all of her sick and vacation days for treatment.

In 2014 she needed to take more days off for additional tests and treatment. So, using a little-known L.A. School District plan called Catastrophic Illness Donation Program, her husband Dave Clark rallied co-workers to donate their own sick days.

”The request, however, spread far more quickly and much more widely than the couple had anticipated,” reports the LA Times.

Generous teachers, as well as other county workers, who didn’t even know the Clarks joined the effort and gave up a total of 154 days to aid her in recovery – almost an entire school year.

“It’s people I’ve never seen giving us five days, 10 days,” an astonished Dave Clark told the Times.

23 of Los Angeles’s 30,000 teachers were able to take advantage of donated sick days, thanks to the program.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KABC-7 and the LA Times)

Story tip from Tonya Brown Wright


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