Soon you can strap this on to keep yourself from ‘tying one on’.

This monitor worn like a wrist watch let’s you know how much alcohol you’ve had.

The prototype Skyn from BACtrack won the National Institutes of Health’s “Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge” in May. The U.S. government sponsored the contest to create a small and accurate way of measuring how alcohol is affecting a drinker in as close to real time as possible.

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The Skyn detects ethanol molecules escaping through the skin and sends constant reports — as many as one per second — to your phone using a Bluetooth connection (pictured below).

BACtrack Skyn released BACtrack

You’ll be able to see when you’ve had enough — or too much.

BACtrack gets its name from Blood Alcohol Content — or BAC, the measurement used to determine how intoxicated a drinker is based on the amount of alcohol in their system.

The company makes a range of consumer devices designed to measure alcohol levels in a person’s bloodstream. Most are small enough to fit in a pocket or clip to a keychain, but the Skyn promises to be even more convenient because you wear it.

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Rather than having to take breath tests, the Skyn gives users almost real time measurements of their BAC. It causes the phone to vibrate as users near 0.04% BAC — about half the legal limit to operate a vehicle in most states – warning them to slow down on their drinking.

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BACtrack hasn’t announced a final price on their new device, but the company plans to have limited quantities of the Skyn available by the end of 2016 — just in time for the holiday season and the parties that go along with it.

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