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When a Pennsylvania teen literally slept through his high school graduation week, his classmates were willing to re-stage the entire milestone ceremony for him.

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Scott Dunn was injured in a car crash just days before he was set to receive his diploma, and remained in a coma for days, missing his graduation.

Three weeks after the ceremony, when his classmates were already well into their summer vacations, Dunn was suddenly back on his feet. We don’t know who organized it, but half of those graduating seniors from East Juniata High School returned to the gymnasium with their caps and gowns, giving their friend a celebration do-over.

To cheers from the crowd, Dunn was able to walk across the stage and pick up his diploma.

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“I’m speechless, to know this many people are behind me,” Dunn told WPVI News.

(WATCH the video from ABC) — Photo: news video

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