Darci Gillen Dawson-creek-saves-baby-family photo
It’s every mother’s nightmare. Somehow a toddler had a mishap in the water and was next seen floating lifelessly down the stream.

A Seattle mom of three, Darci Gillen Dawson, was vacationing in Montana with her family when she looked over her shoulder and saw the boy’s body, and took off running.

When she scooped him up, his face was gray and he was “not alive”.

She told KING-5 News he likely had been in the water for at least six minutes.

Darci performed CPR on the boy for twenty minutes until he finally took a breath.

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“There’s no better feeling than that, that’s for sure—you can tell by the huge grin on my face,” she said looking at the photo taken after that moment.

(WATCH the video from KING-5)


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