Melanie Goldsmith must have read hundreds of children’s books while working as an elementary school teacher – but this one was by far the most special.

Eric Hernandez, Melanie’s boyfriend of five years, knew that he wanted to propose to the teacher in a special way. Since he knew that Melanie was passionate about teaching and reading, he started crafting a children’ book about their relationship featuring two little bunny rabbits.

After months of planning and elaborate orchestration, Melanie’s fellow teachers pretended to have Melanie read the book out loud in a staff meeting as a “training exercise” while Eric hid in the other room.

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As Melanie realizes that the story is about her, she can’t contain her emotions. When she starts to cry, another teacher finishes reading the story, ending on a page that simply says “Will you marry me?”

Right on time, Eric walks out from the other room, gets down on one knee, and pops the question to an overwhelmed Melanie – and she says yes.

The book, appropriately named “Making Memories”, is just one of many that will be treasured by this sweet couple in their many years of marriage.

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