A 14-year-old boy identified only as “James” showed up at the Omaha, Nebraska Police Department with a trumpet, and without fanfare, honored police officers killed in Dallas.

The teen played “Taps,” the traditional bugle call performed at military funerals, as he stood at Omaha’s memorial to its own fallen officers.

Police officers inside weren’t aware of the performance until the boy had left, but were deeply moved when they saw a video of James on social media.

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“We would like to say thank you,” the Omaha Police Department posted on its Facebook page. “Let him know how touched we were by his performance.”

“Thank you young man,” Claudia Russell posted in the comments. “You did a beautiful job playing taps. Always make me cry.”

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“Every time I hear taps the tears begin to swell,” Kimberly Kirkland McBride wrote. “Pretty awesome young man, with all that the country is going through.”

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