Cops Meditate in Canada CC West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center

Police in Canada got some extra training earlier this month on how to subdue a foe.

Stress, in this case, is the enemy–and mindfulness meditation is their backup support.

Peel Regional Police in Ontario visited a local temple for a taste of Buddhist philosophy and a lesson on how to meditate.

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Deputy abbot Bhante Saranapala led the event at the West End Buddhist Temple in Mississauga. He conducts similar introductory sessions on mindfulness meditation for school teachers, students, and young professionals looking for relief from all the stress of their daily lives.

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“They are doing a stressful job,” Saranapala wrote of the officers on the center’s Facebook page. “I am delighted that I was able to share some insights by giving spiritual support to help them continue daily their service with a peaceful mind.”

(WATCH the video below — SEE all the Photos at West End Meditation Center on Facebook)

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