Police in Minnesota pulled over when they saw a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road with its door wide open. A young man was bent down near the curb, so the officers stopped to see if everything was alright.

They soon realized the teen was performing tiny chest compressions on a squirrel sprawled in the grass on its back.

Chris Felix told them the squirrel ran into his car, even though he swerved to avoid the worst.

“I’m trying to help it out,” he said.

The compassionate driver said he had been tending to the squirrel for nearly 20 minutes before the Brooklyn Park Police Department arrived, and their body cameras recorded the scene.

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They noticed the squirrel looked like it was “coming around” — and quipped that they should “put him up for a life saving award.”

Then, the camera caught he joyful moment when the critter was suddenly revived, and bolted off to the nearest tree.

“There he goes!” yelled the officer, who gave Chris a high five. “You saved his life, Dude!”

Chris told a WCCO news crew, “Little things mean a lot, in the long run… I gave it my best shot.”

(WATCH the video below)

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