A compassionate school bus driver went above and beyond the call of duty to show his students how much he cares.

Curtis Jenkins has worked as a bus driver for his school district in Dallas, Texas for seven years. This year, however, he wanted to do something special for his little passengers during the holiday season.

Originally, Jenkins wanted to host a gift exchange, but his wife remarked on how some of the students’ parents might not be able to afford a gift.

So instead of facilitating an exchange, he simply started saving money from his pay checks to buy gifts for all 70 of his students from Lake Highlands Elementary School.

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After asking each student what they wanted for Christmas, he waited until the last school day before winter break to load up his bus with wrapped gifts and dole them out to the kids.

“When I opened that door, one of the kids asked me, ‘Are you Santa?’” Jenkins told KXAS. “Seeing those faces on the kids was more than anything I could ever do with the money.”

Though Jenkins was happy to fulfill his labor of love on his own, he says that he also received some financial contributions from a co-worker and a compassionate parent who was touched by his gesture.

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