A 2-year-old boy may not be alive today if it weren’t for the concerted efforts of another child’s parents wanting to save other kids from the dangers of “dry drowning”.

Six days after 4-year-old Frankie Delgado went swimming with his parents for Memorial Day, he reportedly started suffering from fever and stomach aches. His condition worsened until he was eventually rushed to the hospital where he later passed away.

Doctors later informed Frankie’s parents that their son was a victim of dry drowning, also known as secondary drowning: a condition that mostly affects children.

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The condition typically occurs when a child inhales water, and the fluid gets trapped in the child’s body. The liquid then causes the vocal chords to spasm and constrict until they restrict the body’s airway.

Though the Texan family was understandably devastated, they took to social media to spread awareness of their late son’s condition.

One person in particular who saw the Delgado’s warning was Staff Sgt. Garon Vega of Colorado who later recognized the same symptoms in his son Gio after the family went swimming at a community pool. Garon and his wife took Gio to the hospital were doctors conducted an X-ray of the 2-year-old’s lungs.

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The boy had indeed swallowed a small amount of water, which – if gone untreated – could have caused his death.

“I feel like I needed to reach out to the parents of little Frankie and tell them, I don’t know how to word it, but their little boy saved our little boy’s life,” Garon told ABC 13. “’It was an unfortunate thing that happened, but if I had not told my wife that he swallowed the water, and if she had not seen that article, I think we would’ve ended up dispelling it as a regular sickness.”

A GoFundMe page has already raised $45,000 to cover Frankie’s funeral expenses.

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