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Some West Midlands cat lovers are planting roots of good merit through a beautiful and unique rescue operation.

Shropshire Cat Rescue in Shrewsbury takes in homeless, stray, abandoned, and unwanted cats and kittens and organizes veterinary care for feral felines in the area.

But particular to this charity is that it has 17 cats, all of which have been given up or found stray in what should be their golden years, who are now safe and comfortable in Moggies Retirement Village.

The cats enjoy the cushy life with volunteers taking time to look after them and even getting local kids to read to them once a month.

A video of the gated community shows a series of mini cottages surrounded by well-kept gardens where the cats are housed. Each cottage contains a bed, a litter tray, food and drink bowls, and various toys for up to two cats.

The clip also shows Moggie’s Mansion, a larger house with bigger toys and beds where the cats can hang out together.

“The shelter was intended to create an area for cats who were too elderly or had ongoing health conditions that needed regular treatment and monitoring to live out their days in comfort,” explains volunteer vet Susie.

The charity has been rescuing and rehoming cats in the Shropshire area since 1989. Cats in the sanctuary are usually in their later years, but there are others as young as three.

“It also opened the door for people who had elderly cats and were going into a nursing home and couldn’t take them with them. It gives a different option and eases a stressful upsetting time by finding somewhere the cats could live out their final days.”

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Being that old cats, much like old humans, tend to be set in their ways, their arrival at the retirement community is often a little stressful, and so they’re locked in a cottage for about two weeks to become accustomed to the new environment.

Moggies Retirement Village

“The retirement village cats are weighed weekly and monitored for weight changes or indications something isn’t right and they are highlighted for a vet check,” Susie said. “If there are any cats who are a concern beforehand, they get taken straight down or booked in asap.”

The volunteers work around the clock, 365 days a year to make sure that these cats are able to live their best life.

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“Our volunteers are amazing coming up regardless of whether snow and torrential rain won’t stop them.”

The retirement village sometimes is able to rehome the elderly cats but otherwise, they live out the rest of their lives there.

Volunteers have even created memorial stones for all of the cats that have passed away.

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