This elegant park bench does not just give weary pedestrians a place to rest their feet – it also absorbs as much air pollution as 275 trees, but in a tiny fraction of space.

The CityTree bench is the work of Green City Solutions, a Dresden-based design company that creates innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions for urban infrastructure.

The CityTree bench harbors 1,682 pots of moss that absorb dirt, soot, and other pollutants from the air. The solar-powered technology that is built into the bench can monitor particulate matter in the surrounding air and maintain its own watering system.

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The materials used to build the bench are easily recyclable and can be assembled within a matter of hours. The surface of the bench is graffiti-proof to prevent vandalism – and it comes with built-in Wifi for the modern city goer.

Since its creation, CityTrees have been installed in Oslo, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Paris.

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