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When Tim Manley first started out as a high school English teacher, he felt like he was always on the verge of having an anxious breakdown over his educational responsibilities – especially under the intimidating gaze of the school principal.

So when he learned that the principal was planning on having him fired, he felt a surge of frustration.

In this side-splitting live storytelling, Manley describes how he made one last attempt to save his job by performing a stand-up comedy set for the school’s talent show – and he only succeeded after he made a joke about beating up the principal in the parking lot.

(LISTEN to his hilarious story below)– Photo by Jason Falchook / The Moth

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The Moth’s third book, Occasional Magic: True Stories About Defying the Impossible is now available for purchase through your favorite booksellers.

Tim Manley is a writer, storyteller, and educator. Check out his online show The Feels on YouTube or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

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