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10. Stolen Dog Can’t Contain Himself When Reunited with Man After 2 Years (WATCH)

José only relinquished Chaos to his friend because he didn’t have the stability to take care of him post-divorce – when his friend refused to give the pup back, however, José was heartbroken.

Two years later, an animal shelter in Wisconsin said that they had found a lost dog who they believed to be Chaos.


9. Mom is Brought to Tears Over Boy’s Moment of Peace with New Service Dog

Shanna Niehaus’s 5-year-old son has a hard time making friends because of his high-functioning autism – but after meeting Tornado the dog, their connection was instantaneous.

2 german shephard mutts on leashes-peta-video

8. They Survived Together, Now Watch 2 Dogs Reunite a Year After Their Rescue

Buddy and Shelby were sibling puppies that were abused – and eventually rescued – together. Though they were adopted into different families, PETA made special arrangements to have them joyously reunited in a dog park one year later.

Rubio The Dog-Olivia Sievers Facebook

7. Flight Attendant Adopts Stray Dog That Always Awaited Her Return From Countries Abroad

Every time Olivia Sievers returned to Argentina, it seemed like Rubio was waiting for her – that’s why she made sure that when she flew back to Germany, he was coming with her.

Inmate and dog screenshot Dogs on the Inside

6. Give a Prisoner an Abused Dog and WATCH What Happens, Karmic Connection

A documentary titled “Dogs on the Inside” explores the goings-on of a Massachusetts program that pairs prison inmates with abused dogs.

elderly lady with corgi puppy-soulpancake-released

5. Every View of this Adorable Doggie Video Earns One Pound of Food for a Shelter

This pawsitively adorable video was created by Soul Pancake to celebrate the release of Purina’s new Puppy Chow Natural. For every view it scored, the pet food company donated one pound of food to the Rescue Bank charity.

Dog Comforts Pups FB Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

4. Dog Breaks Out of Kennel to Comfort Frightened Puppies (WATCH)

When Maggie the momma dog heard some new pups nervously barking in the next kennel over, she used her wily canine abilities to sneak out of her pen. She snuggled up to the anxious puppies and eventually lulled them to sleep with her calming presence.

Life Jacket Dog - Fox 13 Screenshot

3. Dog Wearing Life Jacket is Found Adrift in Vast Gulf of Mexico (WATCH)

If it hadn’t been for Jagermeister’s bright orange life vest, he might not have been spotted floating above the ocean waves.

Huskies save cat Facebook Lilo the Husky

2. Cat Rescued by 3 Huskies is Now One of the Pack (Cuteness Overload)

Lilo the husky couldn’t help but fall in love with feeble little feline Rosie – a few months after the cat’s ‘adoption’, she had become one of the family.

Rex and Hummer screenshot Ed Gernon

1. Hummingbird Refuses to Leave the Dog Who Saved Her Life (WATCH)

When Rex the German shepherd found Hummer the hummingbird, the little birdlet was covered in ants and seemed dead.

But the pup refused to leave the injured creature’s side until his owner rescued Hummer and nursed it back to health.

Now, Hummer is just another member of the family.

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