Lemonade stands have always been a classic example of youngsters exercising their entrepreneurial spirit – and now, thanks to a new piece of legislations, kids in Utah will no longer have to worry about their operations being shut down by the cops.

SB 81, a law that was signed by the Gov. Gary Herbert on March 24th, states that children are no longer required to carry permits in order to run their “businesses”.

“Business” is defined in the bill as “any enterprise carried on for the purpose of gain or economic profit”.

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The article then goes on to say that no counties in Utah are allowed to “require a license or permit for a business that is operated: only occasionally… by an individual who is under 18 years of age; or charge a license fee for a home based business”.

The bill – which was mostly geared towards operations like lemonade stands and shoveling snow – reportedly follows a measure that was passed in Salt Lake City four years ago. The ruling now applies throughout the entire state, however, after it passed with enthusiastic bipartisan support.

SB 81 also proves some relief for local adult business owners.

Assuming an estimated 24,000 home based businesses per year are impacted, the total statewide savings to businesses annually would be about $720,000, or $30 a month in licensing fees.

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