wedding on bun-BuzzerBlogVancouver’s downtown bus drivers – and their passengers – are quite a friendly bunch. The moment an elderly or pregnant person boards the bus, people are jumping up like popcorn to give up their seats. The drivers are friendly and helpful, even letting tourists slide by with an expired transfer pass.

Possibly the best reason for sustained affection toward a transit line is when you meet your true love in the next row.

The couple first locked eyes 16 months ago on a city bus in Vancouver, Canada. They had just a few stops to get to know one another before Jarred Greff reached his destination. Fortunately, he  told her where he worked, and later Nina Schmidt tracked him down.

On Tuesday, TransLink fulfilled one of its most unusual customer requests ever: hosting a wedding on board its No. 3 bus. And, why not? The marriage became the highlight of the fifth annual I Love Transit Week: a celebration of riders and what they love about TransLink.

(READ the story in Metro News)

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