Rather than sending thousands of pieces of disposable plastic tableware to the landfill, this South African-based entrepreneur has come up with an edible bowl that you can eat along with your meal.

Munch Bowls are vegan, biodegradable, wheat-based bowls that can hold hot soup for up to five hours and maintain a shelf life of 15 months. Not only that, its shallow design allows it to function as a plate as well.

Artist and innovator Georgina de Kock says that she was inspired to launch the startup after she spent time working in various food markets around Cape Town. Upon witnessing how many plastic and polystyrene bowls ended up in the trash in the food business, she began hand-crafting the Munch Bowls out of all natural ingredients.

According to CNN, her business has since worked with hotel chains and corporate events across South Africa, Belgium, Singapore, and Dubai.

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Since demand for the bowls has increased, the company has recruited a machine to mass-manufacture the bowls at a rate of 500 per hour.

Munch Bowls is now partnering with other international collaborators to start making spoons, coffee cups, and other food containers out of their wheat-based recipe.

“If you take a taco, if you take a wrap, anything like that, you can eat it, it adds value to your food. Plastic you can’t eat. It does not add anything but pollution,” de Kock told CNN. “It’s no use saving the world, then you give people food that is not good for them.”

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