This police officer is being praised for taking a hands-on approach to rescuing an older woman from the side of the road.

The rescue mission began earlier this week when Deputies Chapman and Montanez from the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station in California got a call about a road hazard.

When they arrived on the scene, they found that the road hazard in question was a broken-down electric wheelchair. Not only that, there was a woman sitting in the chair.

The woman explained how her wheelchair had run out of battery. The policemen offered to give her a ride back to her home, but she was anxious about leaving the wheelchair on the road since it was her only mode of mobility.

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Additionally, the wheelchair was too heavy for the officers to load into their car – so Montanez simply stepped out onto the road and started pushing the woman and her wheelchair back towards her house one mile away.

With Chapman slowly cruising behind Montanez, he took a video of the good deed and posted it to the sheriff’s station Facebook page.

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“Deputy Chapman teased him about his ‘slow’ pace and you can hear our elderly friend getting a good laugh out of it!” writes the department.

All jokes aside, however, people are calling Montanez a hero for coming to the rescue of a senior in need.

“We are so incredibly grateful to all of our deputies for the work they do on a daily basis. My hero wears a badge,” added the station.

(WATCH the clip below)

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