A video of an Alabama Walmart employee is going viral.

Sabrina Barnes, a worker at the Trussville, Alabama location, was asked to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the store’s ribbon-cutting for their new Walmart Pickup service last week. And, the moving rendition was conjured with more meaning than anyone could have guessed.

“One of our assistant managers knew that I could sing, so he asked if I’d do it,” she said, although she hadn’t sung that song since her middle school talent show.

“I started to cry when I sang it. The song has more meaning to me now, because my son recently joined the military and just left for basic training.”

“I didn’t get to see him off because I had the flu. And all of this happened on my birthday!”

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Her emotional week doesn’t end there, either; she also became a grandmother on Wednesday after her son’s wife gave birth to a baby girl.

That said, don’t expect Sabrina to shy away from further challenges. She says she is going to compete for a spot in the Walmart Talent Show, with hopes to perform at the company’s shareholders meeting in June. And then?

“I’d love to try out for ‘The Voice.’ I was supposed to do it before, but I lost my voice. I can’t wait to try again!”

(WATCH the video below)

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